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Your USVI water adventures await you!​ Glide above the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea as you observe the beautiful aquatic world below from electronic foil boards.


A brief training session and you'll be on your way to experiencing the islands in a way only few have ever experienced them before you!


How we can

Help You

  • Lesson is 90 minutes, and required by all first time efoil riders.

    350 US dollars
  • Lesson is 90 minutes. Pricing is per person for groups 2 or more.

    325 US dollars
  • Duration is custom to your group's needs.

    Price Varies
  • This service option requires previous training, or efoil experience.

    200 US dollars
  • Up to 24 Hours. Previous experience required.

    500 US dollars
  • One Week Minimum. Previous experience required.

    2,400 US dollars
  • Duration is 90 minutes. Pricing is per person. Experience is required.

    300 US dollars
  • Schedule a 60 minute demo session to experience the Lift fleet.

    400 US dollars
  • Ask us about our exclusive discount code.

  • Includes 4 guests, $100 per additional person up to 6 guests.

    800 US dollars
  • Includes 4 guests, $100 per additional person up to 6 guests.

    1,400 US dollars

  • 2,400 US dollars
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